Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cyprus: 31 Pardons

From CyprusMail: Thirty-one inmates who were eligible to receive a presidential pardon have been released ahead of Easter, the deputy prison chief Anna Aristotelous said on Monday. The inmates, 21 Cypriots and 10 foreign nationals, were released on Monday, after receiving a presidential pardon for Easter. Among those released, were the two secret service (KYP) officers EleftehriosMouskos and Costas Miamiliotis who were sentenced to six months each in January, after being found guilty of taking bribes in the Dromolaxia land scandal. “They fulfil the criteria,” Aristotelous told the Cyprus Mail. Eligible for pardon, Aristotelous said, were the inmates who have served half their sentence and would have been released by July 31, excluding those convicted for murder, drugs or sex crimes.

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Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice if President Obama would follow suit and clear the books on Pardon requests like the rest of the European Nations are doing.

People needs second chances that have proved capable for this pardon(s) and the 8th. Amendment is that vehicle for these "worthy" citizens.

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