Thursday, April 7, 2016

Eggleston: Closing in on Sleep Deprivation Record

On March 31, White House counsel Neil Eggleston expressed his disappointment with those who who were of the mind that President Obama's effort on the clemency front has been less than acceptable. Obama did not grant a single pardon or commutation of sentence until almost two years into his presidency (a record for Democratic presidents). His first term was the least merciful since that of John Adams (1797-1801). With Obama's second term about to close, Eggleston and others are want to prop up the President's overall record by comparing it favorably with the very worst records among his recent predecessors.

Moreover, Eggleston sarcastically noted that it is "great," and "a lot easier," to be a "critic," and a "nay-sayer," and self righteously questioned whether or not such persons could be "more productive," more "committed" to ... not annoying him so. Eggleston then - on April 1 - summarily established his own credibility, and general sense of real, sober-minded and serious commitment by saying: "No more eating, sleeping or drinking until we get all these commutations done."

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