Monday, April 25, 2016

Lobbying the President: Nicki Minaj

According to Hollywood Life, Jelani Ninaj was arrested in December and indicted in April for "sexual abuse charges of a child" and is looking at a possible 20 year prison sentence. Now, Nicki "is doing everything to help her brother, including begging the President." Says Morning News USA:
When Nicki Minaj and other rappers were invited to the White House by the President that the rapper approached President Barack Obama with a plea to pardon her brother. As per Olisa TV, Nicki and the President are going to talk more about this charge. The President will leave office in the month of January before which he can pardon Jelani and then leave office. Once that happens no one can say anything about the matter. Of course, the sources have to add, it is not clear whether the President will yield to such matters before he leaves office. 
See "story" here.

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