Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Neil Eggleston Hunger Strike Watch (Day 4)

Last week - and only because Deborah Leff submitted a revealing letter of resignation - we all learned that White House Counsel Neil Eggleston participated in a supposedly "revamped" clemency process whereby Ms. Leff, the U.S. Pardon Attorney, was denied access to his office, even when the Deputy Attorney General was deep-sixing applications recommended for clemency. Leff was concerned enough about the arrangement to reference it in her list of reasons for resigning.

Evidently oblivious to the dynamics of politics in Washington (and, probably, the rest of the world, throughout the entire scope of history, on every continent), Eggleston actually told an audience at a White House "briefing," that he has only recently "learned" (during his "time at the White House") that "every time you do something, various people will criticize you for it." His response to that learning process was to sarcastically note that it is "great," and "a lot easier," to be a "critic," and a "nay-sayer," and self righteously questioned whether or not such person could be "more productive, more "committed" to ... not annoying him so.

Eggleston then demonstrably established his own credibility, and clarified his own sense of real, sobber-minded, serious commitment by saying: "No more eating, sleeping or drinking until we get all these commutations done." We humbly admit, we are nowhere near that level of commitment to ...  avoiding Eggleston's ire. He wins.

Meanwhile, he is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Mr. President, please, stop this madness !

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Anonymous said...

When will be the next set of Pardons by President Obama?

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