Friday, April 29, 2016

Whole Lotta Talkin' Goin' On (Part 36)

Reporters at Politico say that, after almost two years of delay in granting its first pardon, and more than seven years on the scene, the Obama Administration "is pressing hard to keep the clock from running out on thousands of federal drug convicts hoping to get their prison sentences shortened by President Barack Obama before he leaves office in January." It is hard for more informed persons not to recall the "lessons" that former Attorney General Eric Holder claimed he had "learned" from operating the clemency process in such a manner.

Politico says that, earlier this week, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates wrote an "unusual letter" pleading with volunteer lawyers "to get the commutation applications filed right away." The Department of Justice (DOJ) was, of course, already receiving record numbers of clemency applications before Clemency Project 2014 (CP14) submitted over 800 more. And DOJ has set a record for denials since the highly publicized, impressive, official call for even more.

Unfortunately, it is now known that CP14 has effectively "screened out" 20,000 clemency applicants. When a U.S. Pardon Attorney abruptly resigned recently, it was also revealed that some positive recommendations for clemency by the Office of the Pardon Attorney that had been forwarded to the President were deep-sixed ... by Yates! The White House called this a "revamp" of the clemency process.

Meanwhile, White House Counsel, Neil Eggleston thinks everything is "moving forward in a pretty good way." See full "story" here.


Anonymous said...

Starting May 2, 2016 is the deadline.

(Letter) -

Anonymous said...

anyone that will take the time and look at all this will see this just doesn't make sense...take out the DOJ from he pardon process...let the pardon attorney make the decision and recommend straight to White House and Mr. President approve or deny the applications as it crosses your desk. The pardons are NOT gifts to be handed out during holiday season they are earned as well as a constitutional right !!

Anonymous said...

May 5, 2016:

All commutations and no Pardons. ??

Anonymous said...

Why was Leff when she was the Pardon Attorney instructed to do this?

In addition, in a less-noticed portion of Leff's letter, she said she had "been instructed to set aside thousands of petitions for pardon and traditional commutation."

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