Monday, May 16, 2016

Cyclist Thomas Seeks Pardon

Tammy Thomas is seeking a pardon from President Obama. Good luck with that. Nothing against her personally, of course, but the odds have very rarely ever been worse re the accomplishment of such a feat.

Thomas, a former American sprint track cyclist, was convicted, in 2008 of lying to the grand jury investigating a steroid distribution ring. She served a five-year probationary sentence and six months of home confinement, but feels like she is on track to "pay" for a "forty-eight minute lapse of judgment" for the "rest" of her life.
“I do not engage in any criminal conduct, drug or alcohol abuse, and I’m in no way a risk to public safety ... Although I have lived a responsible and productive life since my conviction, this testimony is holding me back and preventing me from realizing my dreams.”
Today, Thomas is a "personal trainer" but she has a law degree. She cannot practice law, however, because of her conviction. It is reported that she "has reached out to her state’s elected officials for support." See full story here.


Anonymous said...

It may come as a shock to some of the president’s supporters that his only presidential pardon in 2012 was for Cobbler, the Thanksgiving turkey, in an apparent indifference to thousands of inmates hopeful of a blanket release for marijuana possession or clemency for first-time non-violent drug “conspiracy” offenders. As if to refute the notion that the president is a closet liberal, the 22 pardons he granted during his first four years in office (including one commutation) gives President Obama the least generous number of presidential pardons in the country’s 235-year history.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Thomas should be pardoned. This would be a no brainer for related crime. She has served her time and is now being denied work in her educated profession.

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