Friday, May 20, 2016

North Carolina: (27 Years Later) "Innocent! Sorry."

The Fayetteville Observer reports that Gov. Pat McCrory has pardoned one Edward McInnis who, in 1988, was falsely accused of raping and robbing an 81-year old woman, and spent almost three decades in prison! The Observer notes:
Mumma [McCrory's lawyer] said she was repeatedly told by the Laurinburg Police Department that the evidence for McInnis' case had been destroyed. But Mumma kept pushing the prosecutors and police to look in the evidence inventory. [In] 2014, the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission, a state agency that investigates and evaluates post-conviction claims of innocence, took on McInnis' case. The agency [found] evidence that was said to be destroyed in at least 23 cases, [After] the agency took on the case, [police] conducted a thorough search of the evidence room and found DNA samples from McInnis' case, Mumma said. [The] DNA samples were tested and showed that McInnis was not responsible for the crimes. [In] August, the District Attorney's Office for Hoke and Scotland counties filed a Motion for Appropriate Relief based on the newly discovered evidence. On Aug. 11, Superior Court Judge Tanya Wallace ordered McInnis' immediate release, 
McCrory met with McInnis at the Executive Mansion and apologized on behalf of the State. See full story here.

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Anonymous said...

"SORRY" That's it ? You can't give back his life they took but they can do the next best thing and that is for the State of NC to settle with this man for a reasonable amount of money that he could have earned over the last 27years.

I would think a law suit would be in order if the state doesn't step up.

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