Thursday, May 26, 2016

Spanish Version of DOJ Commutation Petition (Unofficial)

Jason Hernandez has performed an excellent service.

He has sought assistance of a woman who is serving a life without parole sentence to translate the Commutation of Sentence application form that is used by the DOJ into Spanish - an idea we deem ridiculously brilliant!

Hernandez says he will be sending it to prisons so it can be can put in law libraries. He is aware that the Office of the Pardon Attorney may not welcome such an idea but it can "help Spanish speaking-only inmates at least understand what questions are being asked and then they can get someone to help them with the English version." You can see the full .pdf form here.


Anonymous said...

Obama has lagged behind his predecessors in terms of pardons. He has pardoned 66 prisoners so far while Bush and Clinton pardoned 189 and 396 prisoners, respectively. Pardons, which are typically granted after prisoners have completed their sentences, restore lost rights, such as voting and gun ownership rights.

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Anonymous said...

What is going on with the Obama administration these days?
It seems that there are commutations big time but with "Pardons" that qualify..................not so much? What is up! Doesn't seem fair to these people waiting for a pardon who qualify under the 8th Amendment. .

Anonymous said...

Why is President Obama lax on Pardons for 2016? Are they not important to him to let people to get on with their lives also?

§ 1.7 Notification of grant of clemency.

When a petition for pardon is granted, the petitioner or his or her attorney shall be notified of such action and the warrant of pardon shall be mailed to the petitioner

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