Monday, June 6, 2016

Obama, Commutations and Really Poor PR Apparatus

The PR folks in the Obama administration seem obsessed with production of cute aqua charts depicting comparisons of the President's record on commutations of sentence, as compared to that last four (or the last seven) presidencies combined! Woo-hoo! This is silly / dumb for a variety of reasons.

First, everyone who knows anything at all about this topic knows that recent administrations have had a woeful record for commutations of sentence. They are a God-awful point of comparison. Couldn't really do worse. Unless the point of interest is mind-numbing merciless neglect.

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Second, the previous four - or seven administrations - did not receive nearly as many applications for commutation of sentence as Obama has.

So, if the White House PR team insists on bragging / spiking the football (after Obama's first term - the most merciless term since that of John Adams), why don't those knuckleheads just come out and say he has granted more commutations of sentence than any president since FDR? What's the deal?

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Anonymous said...

question for you professor. I know you will not know the answer but please share your best prediction.

1- will the president pardon again before the end of his term ?
2- If so when do you see it possibly happening ?
3- if he grants pardons, how many pardons will he grant ?

this is all in fun but I would like to see your predictions on this.


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