Saturday, July 30, 2016

Salon: On The Ten Worst Sentences for Marijuana-Related Crimes

Amy Povah for Justice, Freedom
"John Knock received two life sentences plus 20 years behind bars for his alleged involvement in marijuana trafficking from Pakistan and Lebanon to the United States and Canada in the mid-’90s. Knock was living in Hawaii when he was extradited to Florida, a state in which he had never lived, to face charges related to a reverse sting because of his connection to an indicted San Francisco smuggler. The only evidence against him was the testimony of informants, and yet Knock is on track to die behind bars. While a life sentence for marijuana may seem incredibly rare, it has been handed to multiple nonviolent offenders. (For more information, visit" See full Salon article here.

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Anonymous said...

Well well, why didn't I see this sooner. It may be that I've been a bit distressed, but thank you so much.
I really need my brother home. We were disappointed yesterday when none of the nonviolent marijuana offenders appeared on the list, but have alot of hope that these offenders serving life for pot will receive sentencing relief.

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