Wednesday, September 14, 2016

NR on Mandatory Minimums

Grover Norquist and Wade Henderson have a piece at National Review on mandatory minimum sentences. They note that bipartisan-backed sentencing- and prison-reform legislation has been introduced into the House of Representatives and, "It’s time for Congress to act on justice reform."

Norquist and Henderson say the states "have proven that treatment and rehabilitation in lieu of incarceration can often provide better outcomes" while "unnecessarily harsh sentences for nonviolent offenders do not make better citizens; they lead them to commit more offenses."

They add that "people at all levels of law enforcement — including former FBI directors, attorneys general, police chiefs, and prosecutors — agree that these reforms will help them do their jobs well and keep communities safe."
The best chance we have of passing this legislation is now. The political stars are aligned, and support for reform is at a zenith. We need our elected officials to seize this moment and pass legislation that saves money and makes us safer. Congress must not squander this opportunity. 
See full editorial here.

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