Friday, September 30, 2016

Oh no! October is Coming !

Want a pardon or commutation of sentence? In October ... you can forget about it.

For seven years, Barack Obama has not granted a single pardon or commutation of sentence in the month of October. Over eight years, George W. Bush granted zero in the month of October.

But, there is more. Bill Clinton granted a total of seven pardons across his eight years in office during the month of October - all seven of them being granted in October of 2000. In his four years as president, George H.W. Bush granted zero pardons and commutations in the month of October.

What does it all mean? It means, across 27 years, four different presidents - both Republican and Democrat - have issued a grand total of 7 pardons in the month of October. Since all of them were granted by one president, in a single October, it means 26 of the last 27 Octobers have featured zero pardons and commutations. Toss in the last three years of Reagan's second term and it is 29 of the last 30.

The odds are better that the Great Pumpkin will appear ... next year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think you can take whatever has or hasn't happened in the past and throw it out the window.
I think your going to see a steady mixture of pardon's and commutations the rest of the year into January. In my opinion after the general election the pace will pick up dramatically since the clemency act, criminal reform and 2nd chances are the presidents legacy also just because he can.

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