Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kenya: 2,747 Commuted Death Sentences

It is reported that Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta has commuted the sentences of 2,655 males and 92 females on "death row." He also signed "a pardon warrant" that ordered the release of 102 long-term serving convicts.

Amnesty International praised the move but critics call it "an election tactic" and observe Kenya very rarely ever carries deaths sentence. Indeed, the last execution was in 1987.

It is said, however, that Kenyatta "wants to be seen as a compassionate leader" invoking "the Power of Mercy" under Article 133 of the Constitution, In 2009, former President Mwai Kibaki commuted the sentences of more than 4,000 on death row to life imprisonment.

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Anonymous said...

People need to stop talking about the death penalty as being a form of "punishment". If death is the annihilation of a human being's conscious mind and self, then the physical death of an individual's brain means the end of their existence, which means that they cannot experience any remorse, regret or pain for their previous actions. Unlike a sentence of imprisonment, an executed person can longer reflect upon his/her previous actions, hence, that person can no longer be said to have been "punished" for their crimes.

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