Friday, October 14, 2016

Mercy? No Thanks?

At USA Today, Gregory Korte has written a piece on a truly unusual circumstance. President Obama recently granted a conditional commutation of sentence to a prisoner who then refused to accept the condition and, consequently, the commutation!

Now, such a thing is far from unprecedented. But, in the Editor's mind, this gig was a little quirky. If one looks at such circumstances, in the past, rejected conditions are extreme burdens (have to leave the country, can never return, renounce this or that, etc.) or the cases are somewhat high profile, with a "political" dimension.

What's notable about this case is that the condition was mere attendance in a "residential drug treatment program." What? Really? The President of the United States offers you a commutation of sentence - something about as likely as a lightening strike for decades - and you quibble about that? The story behind this is likely very, very interesting. See Korte's story here.

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Anonymous said...

I could strangle the guy...WHY man ? thousands of people like myself waiting endlessly year after year to get a yes from the president. you should have had some idea before even applying dude ! !....what a waste of time and resource all the way around.

I am pissed just typing this....Mr. President PLEASE start reviewing and giving out pardons to us folks that have paid our dues and been back in production in our community for 2 plus decades. We would really appreciate the jesture

Determined but tired.

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