Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Prison for Cartwright? or Pardon?

Michael Isikoff writes that James “Hoss” Cartwright - known as "President Obama’s favorite general" - pled guilty to the charge that he lied to the FBI about disclosing classified information and now faces a maximum of five years in prison. He and his lawyers will, however, "argue for no jail time at all." In addition, he will "push for a pardon before President Obama leaves office." His sentencing date is January 17, just three days before the end of the term.

The investigation has lasted four years and focused on a book and an article by Times reporter David Sanger.  A former Newsweek editor Daniel Klaidman was also involved. The New York Times called his prosecution - the administration's 10th involving classified documents - “chilling.” Isikoff writes:
Cartwright has told friends what many expected would be a major part of his defense: He only spoke to the journalists in the first place because it was his “understanding” the White House wanted him to — in part to wave them off false (and potentially damaging) classified details from another source. It was a defense he appeared to allude to in a statement released today. “It was wrong for me to mislead the FBI on November 2, 2012, and I accept full responsibility for this,” Cartwright said. “I knew I was not the source of the story and I didn’t want to be blamed for the leak. My only goal in talking to the reporters was to protect American interests and lives; I love my country and continue to this day to do everything I can to defend it.” 
His lawyer adds:
"Gen. Cartwright was engaged in a well-known and understood practice of attempting to save national secrets, not disclosing classified information ... His effort to prevent publication of information that might harm American lives or national security does not constitute a violation of any law.” 
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Anonymous said...

correct me if I am wrong but isn't this basically the same thing Hillary did ? Lie to the FBI about classified information ?...different situations but same concept ?

Juicer said...

It. Was never established that she lied to the fbi about anything.

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