Wednesday, December 21, 2016

CNN on the Fake News Train

Just when we thought media reporting on the pardon power could not get any worse, along comes CNN ! Today they note:
Like his predecessors, Obama is relying during his final weeks in office on his clemency power, one of the most powerful unilateral tools of the presidency. 
Meanwhile, in the real world, Obama's 4th-year surge is the most bizarro in American history. Obama is very clearly NOT like his predecessors.

Then, CNN pulls one out of ... somewhere ... one we have never seen. It's almost like the stupidity is breeding:
On Monday, Obama issued 231 total acts of clemency, a US record for any single day. It brings him to 1,324 commutations or pardons, a number that far exceeds other two-term presidents. 
Meanwhile, in the real world:

Please, CNN, stop it with the fake news! See CNN train wreck here.


Anonymous said...

Lol...Fake News = Stupidity ??

Anonymous said...

CNN, MSNBC then ABC, CBS and NBC all are nothing but slanted & biased left wing news everyday hour of every day. This is not good for America and produces indoctrinated idiots with only one sided thoughts! We never watch CNN or MSNBC anymore for the last 4 or 5 years for sure!

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