Friday, December 9, 2016

Missouri: Jay Nixon. Oh, Pardons?

Missouri's outgoing Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon has granted clemency to 15 people "convicted of drug-related crimes or theft." It is reported that "many" of the recipients "went on to work or attend school" and they "include Vietnam veterans, a pastor and retirees."

Nixon. What a great guy, huh?

One could say that, in his 8 years in office, Nixon averaged just fewer than 10 pardons a year - not the most impressive record (assuming the legislature and courts are not flawless, that every sentence is perfect and no one in the state had rehabilitated or rendered themselves worthy of mercy). But even that statistic is a bit misleading, making Nixon to appear a bit more competent / caring that he has actually been. You see, that is because he granted 82 percent of his paltry pile of pardons this year.

What a wonderful example of how an executive should not do things.

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