Saturday, December 31, 2016

Vermont: John Zaccaro, Jr. Pardoned

John Zaccaro, Jr., the son of former Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro has been pardoned by Peter Shumlin, outgoing Democratic governor of Vermont. Zaccaro was convicted in 1988 of selling cocaine to an undercover officer while a student at Middlebury College.

A four-month jail sentence followed, but - according to the Daily Mail - Zaccaro was actually put "in an house arrest program  in which inmates paid for their living arrangements, and served 90 days 'in a luxury $1,500-a-month Burlington apartment."

Zaccaro's defense attorney argued his client was a victim of entrapment and his mother "accused prosecutors of unfairly targeting her son because of her high profile after becoming the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 1984." As she put it, he was "set up."

According to the Washington Post, police found a larger quantity of cocaine in Zaccaro's car, and more drugs and paraphernalia in a search of his apartment. See story here.

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