Monday, January 30, 2017

Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates ...

... has been fired by Donald Trump, after she expressed her view of the constitutionality of his executive order on immigration.

We only wish Yates had had the courage / conviction to speak out when former Attorney General Loretta Lynch stupidly suggested presidents do not have the power to grant amnesties / general pardons.

Yates was mute.

So, we say, "Good bye. Good riddance."

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Anonymous said...

Well, you usually have my favorite lines, but Scott Greenfield wrote on his blog Simple Justice - He hoped she didn't hurt her arm patting herself on the back. She simply could not get out of her Prosecutor mode.

She was the gatekeeper and denied clemency to a marijuana "grower" for goodness sakes. We were astonished till we found out she had prosecuted him.

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