Sunday, January 15, 2017

DOJ. Still the House of "NO."

When President Obama launched Clemency Project 2014, - a call for more commutation of sentence applications - the Office of the Pardon Attorney was already getting record numbers of clemency applications. The announcement was made with aplomb, in April, but no grants (pardons or commutations) were made for the next 7 months.

So, in December of 2014, the first post CP14 grants were made. Here is what the number of denials looks like for commutation of sentence applications before and after December of 2014.

The critical factor in thinking about the data - of course - is the fact that the denials in the first bar (left) were generated over 6 years., a number comparable to the number denied by George W. Bush in 8 full years. The denials in the second bar (right) were generated over the last two years of the term.

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Anonymous said...

I have now reached my 6th year since filling out pardin application. Yes two FBI interviews etc..all positive. I will know in a few short days if I get the pardon or not..if I do not get it I hope it's not turned down so I can have a shot with the next president. .fingers crossed.

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