Monday, January 16, 2017

If Obama Granted 2,000 Commutations of Sentence Tomorrow ...

President Obama seemed to take interest in commutations of sentence about 6 years into his presidency. He has denied applications in batches of a 1,000 or more at a time, but - overall - has granted just over 1,100 commutations.

With some irony, from Bill Clinton's stand-point, members of the national news media (longing to maintain "access" to the bitter end) are cheering him on through the largest last-minute clemency surge in American history. It is suggested that a "significant" number of grants will be made before Obama leaves the White House.

What if Obama granted twice as many commutations of sentence as he has granted to date, tomorrow? What if he "made history" with a "new record" of 2,000 commutations in one day? Here is what 2,000 more commutations would make his overall record look like:

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