Friday, January 6, 2017

Missouri: 18 Pardons

It is reported that, "as he nears the end of his tenure as governor," Gov. Jay Nixon is "showing mercy." What a thing to have written about oneself. "I was a merciless, un-caring jerk. But now, just before I leave, I will don the mannerisms of human types!"

Nixon pardoned 18 people today. "including 16 religious leaders who had been convicted of trespassing for protesting in the Missouri Senate in support of Medicaid expansion." He also commuted one sentence, bringing his total clemency grant total to 110 - again, most granted near the end of the term.

It is also report that 110 is "more than any Missouri governor in the past three decades." Nixon explains:
"When you're attorney general, you're on one side of the case ... As governor, it's a position of consensus and you have executive authority ... It's not that I'm a different human being; it's a different job." 
Brilliant. Republican Gov. Christopher Bond approved a total of 201 clemency actions (1973 to 1977, 1981 to 1985). Democratic Gov. Joseph Teasdale issued 196 clemency actions (1977 to 1981). From 1847 to 1930, governors issued a total of between 4,000 and 5,000 commutations, according to the state archives. See story here.

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