Saturday, January 14, 2017

OPA Chart. Weighed in the Balance ...

The homepage of the Office of the Pardon Attorney (Department of Justice) currently features this graph:

It is a fun exercise for a variety of reasons. First, well, we know how this administration is about folding data to make itself look really impressive (see posts here and here). Second, the OPA chart does not cover the entire administration. It simply cuts off a few years - about 6 - because, well, nothing was really happening then. Finally, the style is that of a cumulative line - for purposes of drama, no doubt. Edward Tufte would be proud. OK, maybe not.

We accept the challenge, however, and 1) cover the entire administration as well as provide important context by also 2) charting the number of commutation applications that have been denied - denials being something that happened well before the dramatic effects of a cumulative grant line ever showed up. Here are the results:

Click on Image (Above) to Enlarge

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Stephen Arrington said...

Professor, I love how aptly you apply fact and reason to their declaration of a superior job well done.

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