Friday, January 27, 2017

Pardon Power on Trump's Radar ... Already

It took Barack Obama more than 600 days to grant the first pardon of his administration. But Donald Trump is already talking about a potential pardon for Kristian Saucier.

Saucier is serving a one-year sentence for taking photos on his cell phone inside a nuclear submarine, as a member of the Navy. Trump talked about his case during his campaign, suggesting the sentence was harsh. In recent interview he told Sean Hannity, "I’m actually looking at it right now ... I think it’s very unfair in light of what’s happened with other people.”

FOX News reports Jeffrey Addicott, a former Army attorney and director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St Mary's Law School in Texas, says Saucier’s prosecution was "politically motivated." He also notes, “Two other sailors who did the same thing just had to pay about $300 fines and didn’t go to jail.” Saucier’s case, on the other hand, landed around the time when Hillary Clinton’s classified emails were being debated. Said candidate Trump:
“They took the kid who wanted some pictures of the submarine ... That’s an old submarine; they’ve got plenty of pictures. If the enemy wants them, they’ve got plenty of them.”
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