Thursday, January 12, 2017

Request: "Pres. Obama, Please Pull a Clinton."

Mark Dent, at notes Lanny Davis, Bill Clinton’s lawyer and spokesperson during the Lewinsky Scandal, is asking President Obama to grant "relief through Presidential action” on behalf of Chaka Fattah, a person said to have "a close professional relationship with Obama over the years."

That is to say, Clinton's buddy is asking Obama to pull a Clinton, with just a few days left the administration!

To make things even better, Fattah - a former Democratic congressmen from Philadelphia - has been convicted on corruption charges ("accepting a bribe and using grant money to pay off an illegal campaign loan"), but has not yet been sentenced.

Now, how much more Clintonesque could that be?

Dent reports that Fattah is facing a 10-year prison sentence, but Davis says "his record of service" and "recognized irregularities in the process" merit executive action. On the first day of Fattah's trial, for example, a juror was dismissed. Davis also claims there is a "a lack of witnesses and evidence regarding, among other things, the illegal repayment of loans."
During Fattah’s unsuccessful 2007 mayoral run, Obama, then an Illinois Senator, wrote a message Fattah used in an email blast to gain supporters. Even while the Feds were circling, Fattah flew with Obama on Air Force One to an NAACP conference in Philly. Last April, as Fattah attempted to get re-elected to his Congressional seat, he used Obama’s voice on a robocall to prospective voters. The White House said Obama did not approve.
An appellate court judge rejected Fattah's motion to stay out of prison during an appeal. See story here.

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