Monday, January 2, 2017

Vermont: Classic Wrong Way to do the Right Thing

The Washington Times reports that, in his "final days" outgoing Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin is "expected to issue what could be hundreds of pardons to Vermonters convicted of what are now considered minor marijuana violations."

The pardon process was not invented last month, in Vermont, but that is when Shumlin suddenly "invited" people who were convicted of "possessing small amounts of marijuana" before the state decriminalized it (three years ago) to apply for clemency. It is said that those with "violent pasts" will not be considered ... for what that is worth. The Times reports "almost 500 people" sent in applications.

We are left to guess that the applications all came in just recently, or Shumlin has left the applicants in limbo - despite his notions of justice and mercy - for as much as three years. Regardless, the Times reports that, just before his administration ends, his staff "has been doing background checks." What could go wrong. See story here.

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