Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Woodrow Wilson Blog Posts Obama From the Grave

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on beating my record for most commutations of sentence, by a total of 19. I admit, back in the day, I was not even aware that I set any "records." No one told me. I forgot to brag about it. I'll be a good loser and not linger on the fact that I probably didn't have nearly as many applications for commutations as you did.

But let me note this: while I set my record for commutations of sentence, I also granted over a thousand pardons. Maybe, I kinda cheated though. You see, I never went a single month without granting one, for the entire eight years that I was President of the United States. I considered justice, mercy and the whole checks and balances thing to be a regular part of the job ... from the start.

You waited, what? 682 days to grant the first pardon of your presidency? I waited 9 days, and never looked back.

And now, with just three days left in you presidency, you have just managed to make it past the 200 mark. Oh my. You have some catching up to do, my friend. Best of luck with that.

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