Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Neil Eggleston: Confuses Theory with Empirical Reality

Here is a snippet from a post at the Marshall Project, an interview with former White House Council Neil Eggleston

The Marshall Project: One criticism was that it was strange to have prosecutors — from the same department who got these sentences in the first place — weigh in on clemency decisions. Did you think about this?

Eggleston: I think that criticism was completely misguided and based on some sort of theoretical, potential problem. The fact is that Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, a 27-year Department of Justice prosecutor out of Atlanta, was a very strong supporter of this initiative. Loretta Lynch, too. The people who criticized their involvement did so on a theoretical conflict — not an actual conflict. It’s just not true.
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No, actually it is a long-standing empirical problem. How Eggleston was not asked about former Attorney General Lynch's silly suggestion that presidents do not have the power to grant group pardons (or amnesties) is amazing. Lying about clemency is being "supportive?" Eggleston surely would have had an equally ridiculous answer. 

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