Sunday, March 26, 2017

DOJ Late in Appeal of OPA Incompetence

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Maybe - like OPA  - they will wait a few years:

"For eight years in the Bush administration, and until 2015 of the Obama administration (see .pdf attachment sent to me in April of 2015), I requested copies of case covers for granted clemency applications from the Office of the Pardon Attorney. More specifically, the information I sought was the date granted applications were filed and the date that they were forward to the White House. These requests were usually sent, acknowledged, fulfilled in a matter of days, 2-3 weeks max (see Excel attachment).

William N. Taylor II "Executive Officer" of OPA (I assume) then simply stopped responding to FOIA requests. He then stopped acknowledging FOIA requests were being received at all. Consequently, I have waited, quite literally, for years (see attachment), for any indication whatsoever that OPA operates under the requirements of FOIA. I was advised by the previous pardon attorney to wait until the Obama administration ended.

So, this evening (February 8, 2017), I sent an e-mail to OPA, politely inquiring whether or not it intends to knowledge / fulfill FOIA requests this year (2017)? Within minutes, six requests (identification numbers 2015-18, 2015-65, 2016-122, 2016-126, 2016-129, 2016-130 - which were 784, 680, 309, 279, 250, 189 days old respectively) were responded to, in e-mails, and given "full denial." The Executive Officer explained: “... After carefully considering your request, I have determined that if any such records do exist, they are exempt from disclosure ...”

I don’t believe Mr. Taylor should be able to “address” the backload of FOIA requests he has by cursory dismissal and summarily overturning 14-15 years of past practice. He should be required to do his job and keep that Office in compliance with FOIA."

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