Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Virginia: Pardons for the Norfolk Four

The Associated Press reports Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe has granted absolute pardons to four former sailors - known as the "Norfolk Four - "ending a decades-long fight to clear the men of rape and murder convictions based on intimidating police interrogations." DNA evidence linked another individual to a 1979 rape and killing and he claimed to be solely responsible.

Three of the men - Danial Williams, Joseph Dick and Derek Tice - were actually granted "conditional pardons" by Gov. Tim Kaine, in 2009 "and released from prison because of doubts about their guilt, but their convictions remained on the books." A judge then vacated two of the convictions, saying, "no sane human being" could find them guilty. A third convictions was erased in 2009. See full story here.

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