Thursday, April 13, 2017

Illinois: Clemency, or Deportation

The Chicago Tribune reports Miguel Perez Jr., a "decorated Army veteran with a green card" has been "ordered back to his native Mexico," but will ask the Illinois Prisoner Review Board to ask Governor Rauner "to pardon his felony drug conviction."

Currently in a Wisconsin detention center, Perez says he has "faith" in Rauner because he is the Governor.  But, the Tribune reports, of 2,333 petitions, Rauner has granted a mere 79 pardons and a single commutation of sentence. In contrast, the previous Governor, Pat Quinn, "approved roughly 36 percent of petitions." Says the Tribune:
According to the governor's office, Rauner considers how long it has been since petitioners completed their sentences, why they need clemency and whether it's affecting their ability to get professional businesses licenses or a job. He also takes into account the applicant's military and community service records, the nature of the crime and their acceptance of responsibility. 
It is not altogether clear that any Illinois governor has ever considered much of anything else, as a mater of general practice. Perez is said to have "accepted" responsibility for his crime, but his application emphasizes a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and possible traumatic brain injury. He is also the father of two U.S. citizen children. See story here.

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