Sunday, April 30, 2017

Oklahoma: 4 Commutations for LWOP

Gov. Mary Fallin
NewsOK reports Gov. Mary Fallin has commuted the sentences of four Oklahoma inmates "serving life without parole for drug offenses." The effect is that the men now have "the potential" to "one day to be paroled."

59-year old William Dufries was convicted for carrying 67 pounds of marijuana in a recreational vehicle 14 years ago.  36-year old Michael Randolph, is also a nonviolent drug offender serving a life sentence.  76-year old K.O. Cooper, convicted in 2012, "is believed to be the oldest inmate serving life without parole for drug-related crimes in Oklahoma." Kevin Martin and Jesse Rose (55 and 58) also had their sentences commuted. According to NewsOK:
There are still 52 inmates in Oklahoma serving life without parole for drug offenses, according to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections inmate database. A change in Oklahoma law in 2015 did away with mandatory life sentencing for drug trafficking after two previous felony drug convictions, but the new law was not retroactive. Sen. Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, has authored a bill under consideration in the Legislature this session that would allow nonviolent offenders sentenced to life without parole to have their sentences modified after 10 years in prison. Senate Bill 689 has passed preliminary votes in the House and Senate but final legislative action remains to be taken. 
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