Friday, April 14, 2017

Virginia: Post Calls for Clemency

With reference to Blackstone, Sodom, Abraham, and Islam, the Washington Post is calling for Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to grant clemency to Ivan Teleguz.

Ivan Teleguz was convicted of capital murder for hire, in 2006, when he "allegedly paid two men to kill Stephanie Yvonne Sipe, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child."

His attorney says, however, that there were "problems" with his four day trial. Two "critical witnesses" are said to have "recanted their testimony in sworn, written statements." They now say that they gave false testimony "in exchange for leniency in their own cases." The only remaining evidence against Teleguz is the testimony of the man who did the killing. The Post says his testimony is "questionable at best," because he gave it only after he "was threatened with the death penalty." Says the Post:
 As a last resort, Teleguz’s attorneys filed a petition for clemency with  (D) requesting the execution be halted. Clearly, in Teleguz’s case, there are reasonable doubts surrounding his conviction and his sentence that were unknown to the jury at the time. Teleguz is scheduled to die on April 25 for a crime it is entirely plausible he did not commit. The law requires that when so much reasonable doubt exists, the state lacks the power to deprive a person of his most cherished natural right: life. McAuliffe should grant Teleguz’s petition for clemency. 
See story here.

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