Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Obama: Iranian Story Continues

Josh Gerstein of Politico reports that two Iranian men "have been indicted for allegedly hacking a Vermont defense technology firm, but one of their cohorts who admitted guilt won't be punished because of a pardon President Barack Obama granted last year as part of the Iran-U.S. nuclear deal."

The DOJ has indicted Mohammed Reza Rezakhah, 39, and Mohammed Saeed Ajily, 35, for "conspiring to hack South Burlington, Vermont-based Arrow Tech" as "part of an effort to allow Iranian companies to use the company's software in violation of U.S. export controls."

A "third actor" plead guilty for related conduct ... and was awaiting sentencing when he received the pardon from Obama - one of a series of clemency grants and dropped prosecutions the administration agreed to as part of a broader effort to reach a nuclear agreement and obtain the release of several Americans being held prisoner in Iran." See full story here.

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