Monday, August 21, 2017

Daily Beast on Possible Arpaio Pardon

The Daily Beast is writing on the possible first pardon by President Trump, who has yet to appoint a new U.S. Pardon Attorney. The Editor of this blog notes, "There are literally hundreds of no-name people we’ve never heard of, who will never been in the newspaper, who are not cause célèbres, who have had applications waiting and waiting and waiting. They’re sick to their stomach right now reading about [the possibility that Sheriff Joe] Arpaio getting a potential pardon, that’s breaking their heart.”

Sam Morison, for U.S. pardon attorney office adviser adds: “He hasn’t even been sentenced yet, he’s just been convicted. And he’s not contrite, he doesn’t accept responsibility—quite the opposite. So in that sense, it’s very unusual. And the only reason he’s getting any traction at all is that he’s a well-known political figure. So it is special pleading of the worst kind.”

Finally, the piece notes, "one former Justice Department official" says, "People would be so grateful that he’s rescued this important Constitutional power from the clutches of the DOJ.” It is so true. But, institutional change is what is really needed. The dysfunctional Office of the Pardon Attorney needs to be tanked and the clemency process needs to be moved closer to the executive branch. See Daily Beast story here.

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BLT31 said...

I hope President Trump pardons Sheriff Arpaio. This was a sham conviction from the start because the Sheriff is a conservative. Does anyone believe that Arpaio who has extensive history with law enforcement didn't know what he was doing?

Along with the Sheriff's pardon we also hope that President Trump takes into consideration all the other pardon applications on file that are qualified for pardons.

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