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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Florida: Morrison and Five Reasons

The Broward / Palm Beach NewTimes blog provides five reason why Jim Morison should not be pardoned. The consideration is labeled "completely misguided" and a "frivolous cause." Elaboration is provided for each reason, but here they are 1) Jim Morrison did something awful that night. 2)  Jim Morrison's legacy isn't tarnished. 3) School ties shouldn't bind 4) Jim Morrison showed no remorse. 5) Jim Morrison is dead. See full article here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dave Diamond Talks Morrison Pardon

Dave Diamond, the man behind the eventually successful movement to land a pardon for Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison talks about the nuts and bolts of the matter and explains his view of the legal arguments as well in a recent interview.

See story here.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Connecticut: More Sensible than Florida

The long-dead Jim Morrison may be up for pardon in Florida, but in Connecticut, where he was arrested, it simply does not matter. Morrison was arrested in December of 1967 in New Haven. He was fined $25, but the Connecticut Post quotes the director of the State Board of Pardons as saying:
"We don't do that ... Our position has always been that the request for a pardon has to come from the person himself. It's come up before regarding the people convicted as witches. People have gone to the Legislature seeking to exonerate the witches too. The Legislature can pass a resolution, but it can't pardon anybody."
A spokesperson for the governor also says that he does not have the authority to do anything either. See story here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Florida: Pardon for the Lizard King?

The Fine Print suggests there is a possibility that Florida governor Charlie Crist (R) is considering a posthumous pardon for Doors front man / "singer" / and former Florida State University student Jim Morrison - a.k.a. "The Lizard King."

In 1969, Morrison was convicted of "indecent exposure" during a Coconut Grove concern. He was sentenced to a term of six months in jail but died in July of 1971, in Paris, while his case was still being considered on appeal.

If he were to be pardoned, he would join an interesting list of musical types who have enjoyed the sweet tast of clemency: Keith Richards, Hampton Hawes, Merle Haggard, John Forte, Dick Contino, Peter Yarrow, etc.

See story here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monitor in Over Its Head

Over at the Christian Science Monitor, they are sporting a list of ... well ... it isn't exactly easy to classify what it is. It is described as a "surprise" list of pardons, but at least three were hardly a "surprise," one was given to a dead person and another has not even been granted. Lesson? Don't try this at home kids! Wait for our own - more serious and relevant - Top Ten Clemency Stories of 2010.

For now, here is what they came up with over at the Monitor:

6. Brian Aitken (hardly a surprise)
5. Ronald Foster (hardly significant!)
4. Apple and Cider (hardly a surprise)
3. The pardon capital: Nevis, Minn.
2. Jim Morrison, the Lizard King (dead)
1. Billy the Kid: A promised but deferred reprieve? (not yet granted)

See entire piece here.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Florida: Mercy for 69-Year Old?

Mary Taylor Christensen - the former wife of the Thrifty-Nickel newspaper publisher - was 64 years old when she hit and killed a 40-year old man with her car. To make matters worse, she fled the scene. To make matters even more worse, she was driving under the influence of alcohol - nearly three times the legal limit to be exact. Christensen told a judge that she wished that she had been the one who died in the incident, but she received an 11-year prison sentence.  Now, after serving two years of her sentence, she is applying for a commutation of sentence from the State's Clemency Board. A state's attorney says she should have to serve out the sentence. She is also reported to be "one of about 80" applications that will "go before the board next week," along with that of the Doors front man Jim Morrison. See story here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Toronto Star Mocks Crist

On the news that recently defeated Governor Charlie Crist is considering a posthumous pardon of Doors "singer" Jim Morrison, the Toronto Star features an article entitled, "Want to rescue a political legacy? Pardon a rock star." The article suggests Crist is attempting to "dent the headshop T-shirt business" by pardoning the "bad poet" and "middling singer best known for being born handsome." The ending is downright lyrical:
And it is nice to know that, while running a state that will soon be underwater, Crist’s got his last-minute priorities straight. If Charlie Crist’s house was on fire, he’d be the guy trying to pull the washing machine out of the basement.
See story here.

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